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Trout and Redfin, The Tackle club challenge at Lake William Hovell

Hey Guys, I open up my tackle club box and take it out to see if i can snag some fish on the lures. If you want a Tackle club box ...

Trout fishing and four wheel driving tips at Lake William Hovell

Trout fishing at Lake William Hovell is quite popular during the winter months. It is not popular with trophy trout hunters or the ...

Kayak fishing at Lake William Hovell

Kayak fishing for redfin at Lake William Hovell, does it get much better? I absolutely love fishing in this lake and with very good ...

Lake William Hovell, Redfin, Trout, Kayaks and Drones

Tronc, Tegan and I hit William Hovell in the Yaks With Lexi the Murray Crabb Fishing dog. We had a great day out, come along ...


G'day beautiful tube of U'ers. Today, me and Mrs Moose head to the Vic High Country and take a dip and fish in the mighty Lake ...

Fishing for redfin perch at Lake WIlliam Hovell on a 45 degree day

Crystal clear water, swimming and fishing. Is there a better place to escape the heat on one of the hottest days this decade than ...

King River & Lake William Hovell Jan 2018

A weekend of fishing, camping, 4WDing & swimming.

Lake William Hovell Fish and Bush Drive (Jan 15th 2017)

It's the weekend squad, so time for me to take Mrs Moose up to the hills and Lake William Hovell for a Country drive and fish.

Beautiful Lake William Hovell and King River filmed with Samsung Galaxy S9

Lake William Hovell is one of the most beautiful little lakes you can visit. There's no phone service and no background noise.

Xiro explorer V drone footage of Lake William Hovell

Check this out, I took my Xiro Explorer V drone to Lake William Hovell on Monday morning and took this footage. Personally ...

Swimming in Lake William Hovell

Swimming in Lake William Hovell at the top of the King River Valley in north-east Victoria when the lake was sitting fairly ...

Lake William Hovell to Pineapple Flat via Burnt Track Pt I

Part 1 of day three of our High Country Trip. Lake William Hovell to Pineapple Flat via Burnt Track.

sambar deer fawn near Lake William Hovell

Check out this cute Sambar deer fawn that my wife Lauretta and I found on our way back from Lake William Hovell today.

William Hovell

A high country adventure back in the good old days.

Redfin fishing from the bank in the crystal clear water of Lake William Hovell

The redfin were coming in thick and fast while we were swimming and fishing at Lake William Hovell on a 40 degree day earlier ...

Drone over Lake William Hovell - FPV flight

Took the Eacine Racer on a weekend camping trip and had some fun. Flight over Lake William Hovell and around The King River ...

Lake William Hovell Spilling - December 2017

Lake William Hovell spilling on 3 December 2017. The drone spec: DJI F550 frame E300 propulsion system Naza M v2 iOSD mk2 ...

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