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Good Fit: Tyce Nielsen

Aerial Acrobat and Trapeze Performer Tyce Nielsen describes his workout routine as part of Duo Transcend, appearing at ...

Tyce Nielsen Demo 2017

Tyce Nielsen Demo 2017 [email protected] Duotranscend.com.

Tyce Nielsen Fiber Fat Loss Recipe

Bodybuilding advice by Tyce from “Duo Transcend” Fiber recipe for fat Loss and how to get fiber in. If you don't like vegetables, ...

Arm workout tips Tyce Nielsen

Some tips for building bigger arm/bicep muscles. We are currently on tour and got to checkout the Gold's gym in Austin Texas.

Duo Transcend Performs Dangerous Trapeze Act - #AmericasGotTalent 2018

Married couple from Salt Lake City performs a stunning trapeze act. Duo Transcend is a married trapeze couple from Season 13 ...

Tyce Nielsen Diving Demo

Tyce Nielsen's 2012 diving demo.

Duo Transcend Performs Dazzling Roller Skate Act during Memphis Grizzlies Halftime - 3/27/19

Watch America's Got Talent finalists Mary Wolfe-Nielsen and Tyce Nielsen of Duo Transcend perform a dangerous roller skate act ...

Duo Transcend on Returning to 'AGT' After 2018 Fall (Exclusive)

Duo Transcend's Tyce Nielsen and Mary Ellen Wolfe open up to ET about their experience on 'AGT: The Champions, airing ...

At Home Shoulder Workout

At home shoulder workout for building shoulders and burning calories. If you don't have time to make it to the gym you can still get ...

Duo Transcend Tyce has #Keratoconus Stabilized America's Got Talent #AGT Trapeze #Cross-linking

Learn how your Keratoconus can be helped at https://www.KeratoconusInserts.com #Keratoconus #AmericasGotTalent Trapeze ...

Duo Transcend Trapeze Act Stunt Goes Wrong Shocks Audience on America's Got Talent

Check out Family Feud here: https://rebrand.ly/FamilyFeud ^^^^^ International Talent Spotlight ^^^^^ Duo Transcend | Judge Cut ...

Duo Transcend

Promo video of Tyce Nielsen And Mary Ellen Wolfe. Duo Trapeze and Duo Rollerskating on America's Got Talent 2018.

Tyce Nielsen tramp wall

Tyce Nielsen tramp wall practice.

Duo Rope

Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe Nielsen Duo Rope 2012.

AGT: Trapeze Artists Duo Transcend Try Dangerous Blindfold Trick Again -- Watch!

ET was with the married acrobats, Mary and Tyce, backstage after the show. 'America's Got Talent' airs Tuesdays on NBC ...

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