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Metamorphosis as performed by Hardeen

Hardeen, brother of Houdini, performs Houdini's classic, The Metamorphosis, in Brooklyn, New York. This was one of Houdini's ...

Houdini Prepares For Escape

Rare footage of Houdini preparing for a public escape in Los Angeles. The equivalent of a backstage pass or behind the scene ...

Hardeen Speaks

Harry Houdini's brother Theo Hardeen speaks in this extremely rare old radio interview.

Hardeen Helps Houdini Prepare

Rare footage of Houdini preparing for a straightjacket escape. He is assisted in the preparation by his brother Hardeen and Jim ...

Top 10 Famous Sibling Rivalries

And you thought your family was bad. For this list, we’re taking a look at famous historical siblings whose rivalries are the ...

Jack Carter as Hardeen

This is a scene from the 1976 TV movie The Great Houdinis featuring Paul Michael Glaser as Houdini, Jack Carter as his brother, ...





Courvoisier x Bush Hardeen

Shot by Lord Sensei. Instagram/Twitter:@theoriesofdoubt Hardeen 4x:

George Hardeen Interview - Houdini's Last Secrets (Science Channel)

Vegas Film Critic (Jeffrey K. Howard) speaks with the hosts of Houdini's Last Secrets on The Science Channel - Daredevil and ...




Hardeen meghwal.

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