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Swimcanoe Presents: Simon Burnett Freestyler!/swimcanoe.

SimplySwim Interview Swimming Team GB - Simon Burnett

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Simon Burnett - Lament

Pictures were taken in the most beautiful city in Poland.

Guyana's Funniest Video: Word on the Street | Ep 6 with Simon Burnett

Word on the Street features Guyanese all over the world answering random questions they may or may not know. This show is ...

Simon Burnett 50 free prelims 2011 MGP.mp4

Simon Burnette 50 free at prelims of 2011 Minneapolis Grand Prix.

Simon Burnett wins 100m Freestyle title at British Champs 2012

Simon Burnett wins the 100m Freestyle title at the British Gas Swimming Championships 2012 in London Aquatics Centre.

Simon Burnett - It's not over (Vintage Remix)

A tune I noticed wasn't on youtube.

Simone Barraco - ONE

Enjoy Simone Barraco's section from the "ONE" video and watch the the full video here ...

Simon Burnett - South London Soul (Rhodes Dub) 1999

After a hard days work, you get home make ureself a coffee or grab a beer, stick this tune on, sit back, put ure feet up and desend ...

MSS: Simon Burnett

March 26, 2010: One of the events being contested at this year's men's NCAA Division I swimming and diving championships is ...

Simon Burnett Intro Vid

What does everyone think?

MRS. KISSES music by Piano Andrew video by John Simon Burnett

Music Video by John Simon Burnett of featuring Piano Andrew's tune, "Mrs. Kisses" live studio recording ...

Simon Burnett Dub War part 1

I noticed that part 1 is not on here, so here it is! i do not own this lala copyright blah blah i do not claim to own this

MSS: Simon Burnett

Nov. 19, 2010: Simon Burnett is still riding on a high after winning a silver medal in the 100 freestyle last month at the ...

Simon Burnett books his World Championships place with 50m Freestyle gold in Sheffield

Simon Burnett seals his place at the 2011 World Championships by ducking under the qualification time to win the 50m Freestyle ...

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