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Brush Interference Sarah Pauly

A quick look at Brush Interference. Note how tight the arm is to the rib cage/hip/upper thigh......great BI. Great transfer of energy.

Sarah super slow motion single pitch.wmv

Sarah Pauly, MVP of pro fastpitch.

Riseball Lesson Excerpt...5 Time NPF All Pro Sarah Pauly

5 Time NPF All Pro pitcher Sarah Pauly....see this excerpt from one of the many mini training videos.

On the Beat with Sarah Pauly of the Akron Racers 7/28/16

The Johngy's Beat crew went to Akron for a series between the Chicago Bandits and the Akron Racers. After the second game (a ...

Sarah Polley - Courage (The Sweet Hereafter)

A beautiful rendition of a classic song from an important retelling of a tragic story....

Fastpitch Softball Pitching-Pitching Arm Sequencing

Watch as Sarah and I show how the pitching arm sequences as it moves downward and into the release zone. See the brush ...

Fastpitch Pitching Mechanics-Linear to Rotational Energy---5 Time NPF All Pro Sarah Pauly

5 Time NPF All Pro Sarah Pauly demonstrates the transfer of linear energy into rotational energy. This excerpt is part of one of the ...

Stories We Tell TRAILER (2013) - Documentary Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: ...

Rick Pauly (Pauly Girl) Softball uses AccraSpeed Trainer for Softball Pitch Speed Drills

AccraSpeed® Sports Trainer Want to develop improve Softball arm whip, wrist snap, hand to thigh brush interference (brush ...

Ellen's Producer Claudia Only Has Eyes for Pauly D

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D was a guest DJ, and there's one person whose mood was definitely boosted... Ellen's producer ...

Owen Benjamin takes edibles and melts down on Joey Diaz podcast

Clip from Church of What's Happening Now #378 from 2016.

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