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Why My Best Friend is Moving Out | Andrea Russett

WELL WELL WELL...... she did alright. i guess. whatever. WATCH SANDRA'S VIDEO HERE: ...

Sandra Poenar and Andrea Russett||

Hiiii! Sorry I put a @ on the watermark :/ anyways, this is my audio, it's a mix of Moment like you by Lia Marie Johnson and the ...

My Testimony (From Hollywood to Jesus)

OPEN THIS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW JESUS! Salvation comes to people in different ways, but I want to help ...

our shadiest video yet | Andrea Russett

HEY. all fun and games, we love (almost) everyone in the game :) no hard feelings. SANDRA'S CHANNEL: ...

What is the gospel? What does it mean that Jesus is coming back?

Resources: What does the gospel mean? What does being born again mean?

Andrea Russet’s Red Tattoo Meaning w/ Ex BFF Sandra

sis finally spilled the tea on her live 01/04/19.

Who's Most Likely To...? (Drinking Game)

Let's get this to 20k likes, that would be sexy. Love ya guys. xo Follow my wild life - Snapchat - DommyDeAngelis ...

sis got caught for being homophobic| Sandra exposed by Andrea Russet

subscribe for more:) #tea #shade #AndreaRusset #teatime #oofsis.

Learning To Juju On The Beat | Andrea Russett

im honestly so sorry u had to see this. sandra: Have you downloaded my new app?

1 year later... coming out | Andrea Russett

WOWZA. what an incredible year of growth and learning. thanks for sticking with me through it all. Check out my Popgrips here!

Who's Most Likely To...? Pt. 2 w/ Andrea Russett, Dominic DeAngelis, Ryan Abe Sandwa

2 years later and we made part 2 .. RYAN ABE ...

Wedding Sandra & Andrea

This video is about Wedding Sandra & Andrea.

Its Time for a Change. | Andrea Russett

Thank you so much for watching!!! Times are changing. Andrea is evolving. Well. She's trying to. ;) Use code ...

Sandra & Andrea

Orlando Slingshot 06/19/2017.

How my anxiety was cured completely

OPEN for more things that helped me - Testimonies, sermons, stories: “Depression/Anxiety/Suicide” ...


On July 31, 2016, we met Andrea Russett! We wanted to share this experience with you guys. She was the first YouTuber we have ...

Andrea Russett Gives You Stress-Busing Life Hacks

Use and share 5 mental health hacks to fight stress and unleash your potential.

Andrea Russett Reveals She's Only Been On ONE Date & Spills The Tea On Her Last Breakup! | Hollywire

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