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Cirque du Soleil handbalancing Quidam

Olga Pikrienko's performace in Cirque du Soleil.

Olga Pikhienko & Andrew and Kevin Atherton.

Backstage at Iris, one of the Cirque du Soleil shows in LA.

Olga Pikhienko

From the past show Quidam.

Olga Pikhienko in "Hephaestus" Chicago. www.silverguy.com

Olga performing in the production Hephaestus. Coming back to Chicago soon!!!

Olga Pikhienko

Handbalancing on canes and some short information about the show (Quidam) and Olga.

Olga Pikhienko new Hand balancing act

Gala celebrated in Beverly Hills, California, on June 2012.

Olga Pikhienko

Olga Pikhienko at "Le Noir" show. Japan tour.

Olga Pikhienko

At Iris show.

Olga Pikhienko

A special perfomance from the act called "Handbalancing on canes", by Cirque du Soleil, show Quidam in Brasil.

Olga Pikhienko

Interview from Varekai, CDS.

Olga Pikhienko

From a special performance for Cirque du Soleil, Quidam.

Olga Pikhienko

Promotional event for Cirque du soleil, Quidam. Ps: The horrible special effects are not my fault! :S.

Olga Pikhienko (early years)

This video was deleted time ago...here's again...hehe With her father Alexander Pikhienko in Contortion Adagio act in 1992, at the ...

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