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Obituary of deposed Afghan King Zahir Shah

SHOTLIST Kabul, Afghanistan - 18 April 2002 1. Various of King Zahir Shah getting out of plane and standing on Afghan soil after ...

King Zaher Shah returns after 29-years in exile

1. Wide shot of guard of honour at the airport preparing for the arrival of Afghanistan's deposed king, Mohammad Zaher Shah 2.

Late king Zahir Shah laid to rest in capital

SHOTLIST 1. Various, Afghan guard of honour carrying coffin of King Zahir Shah 2. Mid shot, Afghan officials 3. Wide shot, crowd ...

President Karzai announcing death of King Zahir Shah

SHOTLIST 1. Wide exterior of tower at entrance to Presidential Palace 2. Afghan President Hamid Karzai walking towards camera ...

Karzai announces death of King Zahir Shah ADDS voxpops, tomb

SHOTLIST Kabul, Afghanistan - 23 July 2007 1. Wide exterior of tower at entrance to Presidential Palace 2. Afghan President ...

King Of Afghanistan In Rome (1949)

Unissued / unused material. Newsreel item with titles and commentary in Italian. Current King of Afghanistan in Rome, he is ...

King Of Afghanistan In Moscow (1957)

Unissued / Unused material - Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union, USSR. Air to air shot of TU104 plane escorted by group of fighters.

Former King moves back into palace

1. Various exteriors of King's palace 2. Mid view of President Hamid Karzai walking through the palace gardens with the King 3.

Former king at his Father's tomb

1. Wide of tomb of former king's father 2. Wide shot of car convoy 3. Pan right of convoy carrying Former King, Mohammad Zaher ...

APTN's interview with Afghan king Shah

(13 May 2002) 1. Various exteriors of tribal leaders at audience with former Afghan King Mohammad Zaher Shah 2. People ...

Elite squad to protect ex-Afghan king put through their paces

Kabul - April 29 1. Wide shot Afghan elite guard 2. Various of squad 3. Senior military personnel looking on 4. Military personnel 5.

Ciampi & Afghan king discuss return to Afghanistan

1. Former Afghan King Zahir Shah enters room and is greeted by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi 2. Shah shakes hands ...

Afghan King & Queen 1963 Visit to U.S. Reel America Preview

Full 30 minute program debuts Sept. 27 at 4pm ET on C-SPAN3.

Afghan opposition representatives arrive for talks with King

1. Mid shot exterior of building 2. Abdul Wali, son-in-law, exiled king of Afghanistan walking 3. SOUNDBITE (English) Abdul Wali, ...

King Of Afghanistan In Soviet Union (1957)

Unissued / Unused material. King Mohammed Zahir Shah of Afghanistan meets politicians in Moscow, Russia (Soviet Union).


(28 Jan 1967) The King of Afghanistan Mohammed Zahir Shah and his wife Humaira Begum arrive in New Delhi for state visit.


The Queen welcomes King Muhammad Zahir Shah of Afghanistan, and his daughter, to London. Many regard this visit as a seal ...

Son of former Afghan monarch on role of women in politics

1. Wide shot news conference of the Radical Party 2. Cutaway Libertan party leader Emma Bonino speaking 3. Mir Wais Zaher ...

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