Luigi Lucarelli – видео

Chubby Girl - Time Lapse - Concept by Luigi Lucarelli

This is a time lapse of a head bust based on the concept by Luigi Lucarelli - I've made this sculpt ...

Fabio De Luigi - Ing. Cane, Lucarelli e Medioman

Fabio De Luigi - Ing. Cane, Lucarelli e Medioman ...

(Part 2) A Luigi Lucarelli Concept to 3D - Sculpting Stylized Characters - Shane Olson - ZBrush 2020

Part 1: Concept by: Luigi Lucarelli In this episode, Shane goes from 2D concept to 3D block out!

Little Gladiator - Luigi Lucarelli

Concept character by Luigi Lucarelli rigged in Spine 2D.

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