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Excellent Educator: Lucy Craft Laney's Phebe Carr

Phebe Carr's work teaching conflict resolutions to her kindergartners at Lucy Craft Laney Community School in Minneapolis is ...

Augusta's African American Heritage at Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is the only museum dedicated to African American ...

Lessons from Lucy Laney: What Should Grown-ups know

Lucy Laney students share what they want grown-ups to know about their school

Lucy Laney's message of peace

Lucy Laney's message of peace

Lessons from Lucy Laney: Teachers visit students at home

Lucy Laney staff members visit the homes of all 500 students before the school year begins.

Lessons from Lucy Laney: Last Day of School

An emotional last day as the school year comes to an end, with kindergarten and fifth grade graduations.

Extraordinary Stories at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History Hear the extraordinary stories of the African Americans who ...

Lessons from Lucy Laney: Basketball game

School culture takes center court in the highly anticipated annual “Student Staff Basketball Game.”

Lucy C. Laney Museum of Black History

The Lucy Craft Laney Museum is the only African American Museum in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA, Augusta and its ...

Lucy Laney principal Mauri Friestleben leaving for North High School

Beloved Lucy Laney Elementary School principal Mauri Friestleben has announced she has taken a job as principal of North ...

Lucy Laney Elementary: Meet Ms. Payne

As part of our year-long documentary on Lucy Laney Elementary: At Lucy Laney Elementary in North Minneapolis, one teacher ...

Lessons from Lucy Laney: Christmas

Teachers plan an elaborate party to share the gift of giving with students in the holiday season.

Lessons from Lucy Laney: The gunshots that broke a principal’s heart

Gunfire whizzed dangerously close to students on the playground, putting the school in a “code yellow” lockdown

Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History Community Stories with Hattie Lowry

The mission of the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is to promote the legacy of Miss Lucy Craft Laney through art, history ...

Lessons from Lucy Laney: Why Teachers Teach

Educators share why they choose to teach at Lucy Laney Elementary.

Lessons from Lucy Laney: Reducing School Suspensions

Lucy Laney staff members have reduced school suspensions by more than 90 percent in the past five years and share the ...

Lucy Laney: Principal of Lucy Laney High talks about her legacy

Principal of Lucy Laney Comprehensive High School in Augusta, Georgia Virgil Smith talks about Laney's legacy and how it's ...

Teachers Appreciation Week and Lucy Laney Elementary School

This year teachers certainly deserve a lot more praise for all they've done to make a difference in these last few months ...

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