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7/7 Music Video (Shot On Canon 700D) - Mona Loves Lisa

a creative camp video which was shot on a Canon 700D The song is performed by Jasmine Sokko, It is royalty free to use. Plot ...

Maria Roberta Gherca - Italian pole-vaulter

'What is Gender?' Speakers' Corner event, 13 September 2017

Talk given at the 'What is Gender?' event, held at a secret location near Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, London. My talk was cut ...

Adam Dovile on his move from chippy to empire builder

I was never gonna work for the man!” We speak to MYOB customer Adam Dovile about his whirlwind journey from chippy to ...

Kaiza Karlen Swedish long jumper

Kaiza Karlen (4 DEC 1998 ) is a Swedish long jumper.

Pro Am Tango, Gene & Bonita

Gene's tango showcase for the Dancetonian's Dance Club, July 13, 2019, pro am Bonita & Gene Brockert. Gene is an engineer ...

House Rules - Adam and Lisa - Thursday night footy

Adam and Lisa from House Rules appearing at half time during Adelaide v Collingwood.

Interview about House Rules 2014 Final - Preparation For by Competing Couples

Features interview about home renovations with Adam and Lisa from Victoria and Carol and Russell from WA.

Microblading Masterclass Show Branko Babic

The Best Eyebrows In The World

Beautiful Robeilys Peinado

Robeilys Peinado (born 26 November 1997) is a Venezuelan athlete whose specialty is pole vaulting. She won the bronze medal ...

Canadian/US studies focus on how to manage, solve Ukraine, Dovile Budryte Preview #1

Preview #1 of an interview with Dovile Budryte on "Crisis and Change in Post-Cold War Global Politics: Ukraine in a Comparative ...

60m Hurdles FINAL|Lithuanian Indoor Athletics Championship (Day 2)

60m Hurdles FINAL|Lithuanian Indoor Athletics Championship (Day 2) February 22, 2020. Highlight Clip of the Women's 60m ...

2010 Musikfest - Authentic Arabic Musicians & Belly Dancing

2010 Musikfest - "Authentic Arabic Music & Belly Dancing" footage shot by Lisa Koza Productions.

Adam Dovile on his move from chippy to empire builder

Why Adam has the right tools for the job with MYOB. Read the full interview here: ...

Shirts off - Adam Dovile - Telethon 2015

Adam Dovile gets his shirt off at Telethon 2015.

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