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Scott Clifton (Liam) shares something that stunned the fans The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Scott Clifton (Liam) shares something that stunned the fans The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers.

casey liam clifton bridge

Extreme Classroom Bristol Trip.

Who Is Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) Married To In Real Life?

Bold and the Beautiful: B&B fans all know Liam Spencer is well-known for his waffling ways. But what about his portrayer, Scott ...

Life Of Dillon - Focus ft. L Marshall

"Focus" Available at iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: ...

Liam Lace & Jack Clifton- K2 Vol.2

Song: Mr. Clean- Young Gravy Location: Lake Wiritoa Edited: Liam Lace Filmed: Toby Brooke and Stephen Lace.

Lope hope&liam love song by scott clifton

A tribute video of clips Hope&Liam over the years to say good by too Kimberly matula a wonderful and tallented actress She will ...

Liam & IVY KISS!

For Liam and Ivy ("LIVY") fans (Scott Clifton, Ashleigh Brewer) of B&B. I own nothing; all media belongs to rightful owners.

Loote - Your Side of The Bed (Lyric Video)

Featuring Katja Glieson, Tristan Tales, Alex Lange, Liam Clifton & Lacey Claire Rogers 'Your Side of The Bed' is available now: ...

Liam and Steffy Love Song By:Scott Clifton

We heard this song not only loved it but knew we had to make a STEAM VID. No Copyright Intended.

Bold and Beautiful on location in Italy

(9 May 2012) THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL COMES TO ITALY With sunglasses and spike heels, makeup artists and ...

Bold and the Beautiful - The Song That Never Played - Liam Montage in Monte Carlo 2016

Written by: Casey Kasprzyk, Anthony Ferrari, Brad Bell, Jamey Jaz and Scott Clifton Performed by: Scott Clifton.

The Bold & The Beautiful

It's been a hot summer of deception and lies on The Bold & The Beautiful! Courtney and Cody are chatting with actors Scott Clifton ...

Hope and Liam - How we end

Those who say they have no chemistry or no true love - must've missed the whole first couple of years of their relationship. I'm not ...

B&B Character Recap: Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)

Liam Spencer is a man of values but he can't commit to one woman for the life of him. He came to Los Angeles in 2010 to learn ...

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