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Unraveling the “Bucket Step”

The “bucket step” and “losing ground to gain ground” aren't the most effective coaching cues to teach player's to Own Their Angles ...

Bentley's 3 Tenets To Pass Pro.mp4

Former NFL All-Pro offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley goes over his three universal tenets to pass protection.

Down Block Footwork

Stepping up field during a down block? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Bonus coaching point at the end of the video #actionablelanguage.

Football Training

Attitude is everything.

Setting the foot in your stance - Offensive Line

An easy way for player's to discover how to set the foot on the back leg in their stances. It shouldn't be too far open or closed.

Offensive Linemen Workouts to Improve Posture & Strength

NFL legends LeCharles Bentley and Orlando Pace explain workouts offensive linemen can do to improve their posture and ...

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee 2015 - LeCharles Bentley '98

On Saturday, May 30, 2015 during Alumni Weekend, we came together to honor Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees Jim Schram '51, ...

O-Line Tips: How to Create the Perfect Stance

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Orlando Pace, breaks down proper offensive linemen stance with LeCharles Bentley. Check out our ...

Built To Dominate™ Posture Series - Centers

Quality Posture is EARNED during the off-season, and reinforced throughout the season. Here's part of our Built To Dominate™ ...

The Myth of the Vertical Pass Set


Bentley's Pass Pro 101 Basic Notes.mp4

Former NFL all-pro LeCharles Bentley discussing the nuances of foot placement within the stance.

LeCharles Bentley's 'Drive-Catch' | Down Block by Ryan Groy


LeCharles Bentley Oline Performance

Training Center for NFL offensive linemen.

The best run and pass blocking body position

The hips are key to performance. But how they are positioned is the lynchpin to unlocking your fullest potential.

Chris Gizzi & LeCharles Bentley talk about hand placement for Linebackers and Offensive Linemen

ZoneReady's Chris Gizzi and former Pro Bowler LeCharles Bentley (L.Bentley OLine Academy) talk about the fine details of what ...

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