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Kenny Easterday.

Very rare video footage of Kenny Easterday. This is real life footage from a short documentary, not, from the film "Kenny" I do not ...

Kenny Easterday tries artifical legs

People want Kenny to use artificial legs but he doesn't like them (from "The Kid Brother" (aka "Kenny").) "Handicapped? What do ...

Kenny Easterday in the playground

Kenny Easterday in the jungle gym in "The Kid Brother" (aka "Kenny").

The Man with Half a Body - Paternity Test

Meet 35-year-old Kenny whose body ends at his waist and who walks on his hands. Kenny's deepest desire is to father his own ...

Kenny Easterday, first scene in The Kid Brother

Kenny Easterday (1973-2016) is introduced in The Kid Brother (aka "Kenny", 1988)

The Man with Half a Body - Kevin Easterday

35-year-old Kevin Easterday was born with a rare condition that prevented his spine from developing correctly. His legs were ...



Kenny Easterday // The man with Half a Body Special Documentary // Watch

If you didn't catch the special on TV discussing the life of Kenny Easterday, the man with half a body. Then now is your chance.


1988 The Kid Brother.

Man with half a body fathers a child

Despite only having half a body, Kenny Easterday insists he can live the life of a normal man. Read full story here: ...

Kenny Easterday

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung: Kenny Easterday Kenny Easterday ( 7.Dezember 1973 in Aliquippa, ...

Kenny Easterday: The Man with half a body

Watch Kenny Easterday: The Man with half a body (video) on my website on - FREE Kenny ...

Alca, le migrant vénézuélien cul-de-jatte, roi de la glisse

Migrant vénézuélien né sans jambes, Alfonso Mendoza est arrivé en Colombie pour fuir la crise dans son pays d'origine.

Easter Sunday With The Kardashians | Season 17 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kanye leads Sunday Service and the Kardashian family gathers at Kris' Palm Springs home for an Easter Celebration ...

Pub Québec - Bande-annonce du film Kenny

Kenny Easterday (1973-2016) Bande annonce datant de 1987.

Kenny & Company: Super Sweet Skate Scene

Sweet skate montage from arguably the best hidden gem of a movie, Kenny & Company(1976).

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