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John Whitaker - Milton - Stockholm 1990

World Championships Team First Round in Stockholm 1990.

Rio 2016: Against all odds, John Whitaker

The Whitaker dynasty is synonymous with show jumping and John Whitaker is one of the most famous names in the sport. John ...

John Whitaker - Maximillian - NC St Gallen 2012

John Whitaker - Maximillian - Nations Cup St Gallen 2012. Round 2.

John Whitaker Saddle Fitting Guide

An introduction to saddle fitting brought to you by Joanne Whitaker, daughter of World Renowned Show Jumper John Whitaker.

John Whitaker - Milton - GP London 1980's

John Whitaker - Milton - GP London 1980's.

Spruce Meadows Moment - John Whitaker & Milton 1986

Great Britain's John Whitaker & Milton defeated Canada's Laura Balisky & Lavendel 48 in a jump off to win the 1986 International.

Global Talk: What is it about the Whitakers?

The Whitaker dynasty has been associated with show jumping success for many years and is a name synonymous with British ...

HOYS 2014 - John Whitaker - Jumper of the Year

HORSE OF THE YEAR SHOW 2014 - LG ARENA, NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK, 12.10.2014 John Whitaker, 59, showed several ...

John Whitaker Olympia 2016

We caught up with one of the best known and much admired British show jumpers in the sport. John Whitaker gives a lengthy ...

John Whitaker and Utah van Erpekom

Ein Video über John Whitaker und seinem Erfolgspferd Utah van Erpekom. (das beste gescheckte Springpferd der Welt).....hoffe ...

John Whitaker - Tips From The Top

John Whitaker - considered as one of the greatest horsemen of all time, gives his tips for riding an oxer and a vertical.

Showjumping - Michael Whitaker Home and Stable Tour March 2012

Canter Banter Season 5, Episode 3 - March 2012.

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