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JOHN ROWLES - Cheryl Moana Marie (1970)

The inspiration for this great tune came from John's younger sister, whose name really is Cheryl Moana Marie. A mega-hit in ...

🔥John Rowles - If I Only Had Time (Official Video)

1968... Rowles is a New Zealand singer. He was most popular in the late 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.. In the United Kingdom ...

If I Only Had Time JOHN ROWLES (with lyrics)

Back in 1968, John Rowles scored his only two UK chart hits. This one peaked at #3 and dominated the charts for 18 weeks.

🔥John Rowles - Cheryl Moana Marie

1978... (Best Quality) Rowles was best known in New Zealand for his song from 1970, "Cheryl Moana Marie", which he had written ...

John Rowles sings "Cheryl Moana Marie"

John sings "Cheryl Moana Marie"

John Rowles - The Losing Game (My Turn To Dance) New Zealand's finest singer John Rowles captured live ...

John Rowles - Hush not a word to Mary (W/Lyrics) 1968

This is a song that brings it back home from my youth & My mum would always listen to it...I love it even now.

John Rowles - Hush Not A Word To Mary.mpg

I do not own the copyrights to this song. It was uploaded for entertainment purposes only!

John Rowles - In The misty Moonlight

John Rowles sings this wonderfully written love song about a man who would do anything for his dream woman & it is a very ...

John Rowles sings 'How great thou art'

From the 1991 CD 'From a distance'.

John Rowles - Cheryl Moana Marie

John Rowles Sings his original hit song Cheryl Moana Marie and it's a classic as far as i'm concered with his wonderful voice ...

John Rowles - Tania (MPU)

John Rowles - 1978 Chur the bro.

John Rowles - If I Only Had Time

New Zealander John Rowles had 2 UK top 20 hit singles - 1968 If I Only had Time #3 1968 Hush .. Not A Word To Mary # 12.

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