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Why I got a Nose Job at 16

Here's the TEA on my Rhinoplasty! You guys, this was life changing for me and I am so happy I was able to have this done!

Dylynn Jones & Jaycee Wilkins: Room Tour & Interview

Dylynn and Jaycee answer a few questions, give a tour of both of their bedrooms, and show a few of their moves. This is OLD ...

Jaycee Wilkins - Be Your Love

Age 17 Senior Contemporary Solo Club Dance Studio JUMP Phoenix 2020 Keep the comments positive! This channel features ...

Way too freakin early for this! Gotta Get up!

This is my everyday routine to get ready for High-school! ya know... Shower.... Hair.... Makeup... Breakfast....Enjoy :-)

This is my H O U S E! Mi Casa...My crib...

Welcome to my house guys! I'm gonna take you through most rooms and I stayed up all night cleaning so I hope it was worth it!

DJ's Mix Performs on Disney's "Shake It Up"!

DJ's Mix, a.k.a. Dylynn Jones and Jaycee Wilkins from Club Dance Studio, when they performed on Disney Channel's "Shake It ...

Custom Hip Replacement in Paris

This is my journey to Paris to get my hip surgery! I apologize for the video being a bit choppy, because of surgery I wasn't able to ...

Jaycee Wilkins Q&A

Jaycee Wilkins stopped by the Famous Birthdays office to answer questions submitted by fans on Instagram on October 3, 2018.

Jaycee Wilkins - Roxie (In10sity Dance)

Age 9 Musical Theater Solo Choreography by Alexa Moffett Club Dance Studio.

My New Jeep

Let me show you my new Jeep Wrangler! I'm so obsessed with this car and I can't wait to show yo0u why. This is my first car I ...

Jaycee Wilkins - Summertime (The Dance Awards 2019)

Senior Lyrical Solo - Finals Competition Choreography: Chelsea Jennings Club Dance Studio The Dance Awards Las Vegas ...


Join us for Spring Break 2020!! We went on the LAST cruise before they cancelled all of them! I don't own any of these songs.

Tate McRae & Jaycee Wilkins - For Blue Skies

1st • Mini • Contemporary Choreography by Alexa Moffett Club Dance Studio Instagram --- http://full.sc/V3TskF Twitter ...

Junior Females Dance Off - The Dance Awards Las Vegas 2015

Results Winner: Jaycee Wilkins 1st runner up: quinn starner 2nd runner up: bostyn brown.

what I eat in a day 2019

Today I thought it would be fun to show you what I eat in a day!!! Now I don't follow this same menu everyday it really does depend ...

Jaycee's 16th Birthday Day!

It's my Birthday!! Sweet 16 finally!! Follow me and my friends around to see what I'm doin!

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