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Erik Beck's Top 5 Film Lighting Tutorials

Erik Beck's Top 5 Low Budget Film Lighting Tutorials starts off the first episode of Indy Mogul's new show, Friday Favorites. 3-Point ...

Erik Beck is making a REAL FILM!

Check out this special announcement about a big new project Erik is starting. It's called Father Son ...

Erik Beck, Indy Mogul Co-Founder - First Films #01

Mogulers! We heard people are into these things called "Podcasts" - well, Indy Mogul just started one. Subscribe on iTunes: ...

How to Make a Ninjago Set Actually Fly - LEGO Ninjago - Beyond the Instructions

LEGO + Pirate ship + Blimp = AWESOME but what if it could actually fly? Host Erik Beck makes it happen with some clever ...

ERIK BECK'S - Voglo Bëtara

Ce titre phare de l'album REVELATION est un savant mélange de reggae et de sonorités du terroir camerounais qui signifie en ...

Update on Erik Beck's Feature Film!

Check out for more info!

Erik Beck battles deadly coral snake! (or does he?)

Erik welcomes SnakeBytesTV producer and master reptile wrangler Brian Barczyk, but will he live to tell the tale? Want to find out ...

Panasonic GH5s // History Deep Dive

Join the Indy Mogul Community Group: Erik Beck breaks down the general history of Panasonic and the ...

Lightsaber, Star Wars, Build a Real Lightsaber : BFX

This week on Backyard FX we show you how to build a real lightsaber. Erik Beck unearths the original lightsaber blueprints from ...

ERIK BECK'S - Repatriation song (Live)

Concert dédicace - Album "REVELATION"

ERIK BECK'S - Thank you Jah (Live)

Concert dédicace - Album "REVELATION"

ERIK BECK'S & BBS - Safe Cameroon (Live)

Concert dédicace - Album "REVELATION"

ON SET with Erik Beck, and Mark Douglas is raiding our closets!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first "Nblog" - a little snapshot of what life is like, working here at Next New. In this episode, we go ON ...

ERIK BECK'S - Ô Cameroun ( Live )

Concert dédicace - Album "REVELATION"

ERIK BECK'S - Jah Jah sey no (Live)

Concert dédicace - Album "REVELATION"

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