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Elisa Jordana on The Stuttering John Podcast

Stuttering John and Monique from Radio Gunk interview Elisa about her previous and current love life, her history with Benjy ...

Lisa Lampanelli's views of Elisa Jordana

Lisa tells the Howard Stern Wrap up Show host John Hein her thoughts on Elisa Jordana.

Benjy Bronk & Elisa Jordana Live 1/30/12 Pt.1

Benjy Bronk & Elisa Jordana Live at The Bowery Electric with sternsuperfans.com there to cheer them on.

Elisa Jordana's Most Personal Interview

Please excuse the delay and echo during the first three minutes of the video. If you stick with the interview, you will hear Elisa ...

Elisa Jordana Audition

Elisa Jordana auditions for the Howard Stern Band back in March of 2014 and receives a highly positive response. For more Elisa ...

Elisa Jordana and Benjy Bronk on Fox News!! #Benjelisa

Does anyone notice my Benjy hat in our Man Cave?


Elisa Jordana's self-titled debut solo album, featuring a few bonus tracks. Enjoy :) Track List: 1. Fuck you, I'm Fine 0:00 2.

Benjy Bronk and Elisa Jordana

Benjy Bronk and Eliza Jordana at event on Amsterdam Avenue,NYC.

Elisa Jordana Studio Interview

Newest "Vanderpump Rules" cast member Elisa Jordana was interviewed on the Dr. Harry and Rob Show just before getting her ...

Elisa Jordana [Mixtape]

A special compilation Mixtape of Elisa Jordana's unofficially released songs. Enjoy :) Track List: 1. Young Love 0:00 2. Unstable ...

Midnight Love - Elisa Jordana

"Midnight Love" by Elisa Schwartz AKA Elisa Jordana of Cobra Starship and Howard Stern Show fame.

Staff reacts to Elisa joining the Benjy Howard interview

The Howard Stern Show is an American talk radio show hosted by Howard Stern. It gained wide recognition when it was ...

Elisa Jordana Presents - Kermit and Friends "He Quit, or Did He?"

Episode 292 (The Finale) of Elisa Jordana's Cult Classic Online Talk Show "Kermit and Friends".

Elisa Jordana Reunites with Benjy & Chicken!

After 5 months apart, Elisa Jordana reunited with her man Benjy Bronk and their beautiful dog Chicken on Elisa's birthday (June ...

Benjy Bronk & Elisa Jordana Live 1/30/12 Pt. 2

Benjy Bronk & Elisa Jordana performing live at The Bowery Electric and sternsuperfans.com there to cheer them on.

Elisa Jordana on The Howard Stern Show Compilation


Elisa Jordana You are a Cunt

'You are a Cunt' and 'You are a Cunt (Karaoke)' music credits go to @KatMcSnatch Check out her other hilarious songs on ...

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