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When You Drink Too Much | Shameless

It's no surprise for Frank to get blind drunk, but this time how blind did he get? Watch the full box set at http://www.channel4.com.

David Threlfall as Prospero in The Tempest: 'Our revels now are ended' | Shakespeare Solos

David Threlfall speaks Prospero's lines from The Tempest, act IV, scene 1. As a masque comes to its close, the sorcerer ...

David Threlfall in London 10 01 2020

David Threlfall in London 10 01 2020.

RSC Homework Help | David Threlfall on performing Shakespeare | 2020

David Threlfall responds to many of the questions we've had about how to perform Shakespeare's language, offering his tips and ...

Code of a Killer | David Threlfall on playing David Baker | ITV

Code of a Killer is based on the extraordinary true story of Alec Jeffreys' discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first use by DCS ...

David Threlfall: Performing at the University’s Manchester International Festival event

Manchester School of Theatre alumnus David Threlfall read two Andrew McMillan poems at the University's Glass House event for ...

Byte Night 2010 Manchester Launch Night - featuring David Threlfall

'Shameless' Actor and Action for Children supporter David Threlfall speaking at the Manchester launch event of Byte Night 2010.

David Threlfall - The Kiss Of Death (1977) clip #1

Trevor (David Threlfall) and Linda (Kay Adshead) meet for the first time. For movie info, go to: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076273/

Nightingales,robert lyndsay,david threlfall from the 90's genius.

Classic series from the 90's surreal,and very different,and never repeated which is a damn shame.

David Threlfall in Free Tibets Stop the Torture campaign

Pemas testimony read by David Threlfall for Free Tibet. www.freetibet.org.

David Threlfall (Frank Gallagher from Shameless) Interview On Sky News

David Threlfall/Frank Gallagher talks to Sky News' Colin Brazier on Sunday 26th April 2009. He speaks about saving children, ...

David Threlfall - The Kiss Of Death (1977) clip #2

Trevor (David Threlfall) finally kisses Linda (Kay Adshead). For movie info, go to: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076273/

David Threlfall - Early life

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Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This | ITV

This spring ITV brings you a brand new feature length film about the life, laughs and loves of legendary comedian Tommy Cooper.

The disparate acting dynamics of David Threlfall

Don't get me wrong, Threlfall is a very fine actor, but personally, I think he should work on his tea drinking shtick; a not entirely ...

Free Tibet - Stop Torture in Tibet: David Threlfall reads Pema's testimony (with Chinese subtitles)

To shine a spotlight on the widespread use of torture in Tibet British actors lent their voices to Tibetan torture survivors who can ...

David Threlfall reads Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

This is an audiobook originally published by Penguin on two cassettes (abridged, but only lightly) during the 1990s. This is a ...

Act 1, Scene 10 | Don Quixote | Royal Shakespeare Company

Don Quixote has a proposal for Sancho. David Threlfall as Don Quixote and Rufus Hound as Sancho Panza. Don Quixote played ...

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