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Chick Hearn 3000th Broadcast Ceremony

Halftime ceremony to honour Chick's extraordinary career achievement: 3000 consecutive Lakers games.

Kobe Bryant interviewed by Chick Hern after 1st NBA start

This is the legendary Chick Hern interviewing Kobe in Jan of 1997 after Kobe made his debut as a starter the night before.

Bob Miller, Chick Hearn and Vin Scully in epic roundtable from 2000

Three Hall of Famers in one roundtable. Hear from Bob Miller, Chick Hearn and Vin Scully as they discuss their starts in the ...

Vintage Lakers (Chick Hearn)

Short clip vs. Kings (1987-88). Classic Magic-to-Worthy. Then Chick puts the game away as only he could.

2002 WCF Game 7 OT: Lakers @ Kings (Chick Hearn)

Final extra time minutes from classic 7th game between Lakers and Kings. Sound quality is only average, but Chick Hearn ...

Johnny Most and Chick Hearn, 1987 NBA Finals game 5

Legendary announcers Johnny Most (from the Boston Celtics) and Chick Hearn (from the Los Angeles Lakers) are the special ...

Blazers at Lakers, 1991 WCF, Gm 6 (CHICK HEARN)

5-30-1991. POR @ LAL, WCF, Gm 6. I increased the volume and darkened the color and contrast of the first attempt to give it a ...

Chick Hearn Tribute Mix

This is for the greatest sports announcer ever! We miss you Chick.

Chick Hearn w/ Michael Jordan

1-05-1993. Upgraded version, much better audio.

Lakers @ Celtics, 1987 Finals, Gm 4 (Baby Hook) [CHICK VERS]

6-09-1987. Ten year anniv of my upload of this NOW upgraded game recap with Chick Hearn's radio broadcast over it (also 32nd ...

Larry Bird Interview With Chick Hearn (1985)

Bird and Lakers legendary announcer in a short halftime interview, regular season 84/85...

Chick with Larry Bird, 1989 (and bonus)

12-16-1988. Bird discusses the Achilles tendon issues that sidelined him for almost all of the 1989 season and a clip of the Kenny ...

Jazz @ Lakers, 2002 (Chick's return, Kobe hi-lites)

4-09-2002. ((upgrade of an older vid)) This is Chick Hearn's return from an extended absence that season due to heart surgery ...

2001 NBA Finals Game 5 Part One Chick Hearn Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia Sixers

2001 NBA Finals Game 5 Part One of Seven Chick Hearn Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia Sixers.

Chick Hearn w/ Scottie Pippen

3-02-1994. Upgraded version. I'm gonna do a handful of these Chick interviews in a row.

2002 WCF Kings vs. Lakers: Robert Horry Game Winner (Chick Hearn)

Some highlights from one of the greatest NBA games. Robert Horry wins game 4 and saves the Lakers 3-peat. Bad luck for ...

Chick Hearn Interviews Kobe

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