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The Blofeld Vlogs: Part Three- "Charles Gray & Diamonds Are Forever"

Actor/Singer Alan Stentiford discusses one of the greatest and most iconic movie villains of all time, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (of the ...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show- The Time Warp Dance

It's astounding Time is fleeting Madness...takes its toll But Listen Closely Not for very much longer I've got to...keep control I ...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Criminologist Monologue

The Criminologist's opening monologue from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) © 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

Diamonds Are Forever Intro

James Bond (Sean Connery) goes after Blofeld (Charles Gray)

The Gourmet

Charles Gray plays the gourmet in search of the most unusual tastes. 19th December 1989.

Mycroft : Brother of Mine

A few clips from The Greek Interpreter. Dedicated to Charles Gray who would have been 81 today but is sadly no longer with us.

00-VEMBER~ Blofeld (Charles Gray)

Bad Jimmy Dean impressions, Patricia Rutledge cosplay, random lechery doesn't that just scream Blofeld?... didn't think so.

Quentcast #1 Charles Gray

Quentin sits down with entrepreneur, world's leading men's hairdressing educator and long time friend, Charles Gray. The pair ...

You Only Live Twice (1967) - Mr Henderson and road to Osato Chemicals

MGM / UA 2016. All rights reserved. You Only Live Twice (1967) - Mr Henderson and road to Osato Chemicals James Bond Sean ...

Playing Music To Our Dumbest Moments (Game)

In today's game, we're watching Charles Cornell play piano covers of some of our iconic moments and trying to guess the clip ...

Charles Gray 2012

A tribute to Charles Gray reflecting on his life. All songs played were either arranged and conducted by him or written by him.

BABY DON'T DO IT - Charles Gray, Les Watson & The Panthers

Charles Gray, Les Watson & The Panthers: Baby Don't do it.

Nightcore - I Write Sins Not Tragedys (Charles Gray AMV)

I feel as though we don't give Gray enough love,for being one of the best characters in Black Butler.So I decide to create this!

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