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Unrealestate - Bushrod Washington

An outtake of Eli Elkus of Bushrod Washington performing "Unrealestate" at Rocking Horse Studios.

Bushrod Washington

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Bushrod Washington @ Maggie Mae's SXSW 2013, Best of SXSW Live HQ

The band Bushrod Washington play at Maggie Mae's 03/14/2013, Live HQ (Don't have a lot of info on this song or the band itself, ...

Bushrod Washington

Playing at the Hampton Fair.

Home - Bushrod Washington, Live 6/19/13 - Foxboro, MA

A live version of Bushrod Washington's song "Home" from their CD "Down With Bushrod Washington" recorded on 6/19/2013 at ...

Bushrod Washington

via YouTube Capture.

Property of the Nation: George Washington’s Tomb, Mount Vernon, & the Memory of the First President

On December 10, 2019, Matthew Costello delivered the Banner Lecture, “The Property of the Nation: George Washington’s Tomb ...

The Chase

John Bello covers The Chase from Phish's Fluffhead.

The Constitution and Economic Freedom

The Constitution contains a number of provisions designed to protect economic liberty, including the contracts clause, the takings ...

Bushrod Washington Class Valedictorian | Rita Jackman | Cooley Law School

Thomas M. Cooley Law School September 2012 Graduation The Bushrod Washington Class commencement was Sept. 23, 2012 ...

Dec 21 For Freedom in Africa

Dee Fleming, a junior at Trinity Episcopal School, presents today's Natchez History Minute about the founding of the American ...

Bushrod Washington Class Commencement | Robert W. Stocker II | Cooley Law School

Guest Speaker - Robert W. Stocker II, Dickinson Wright PLLC. September 23, 2012.

Lindsay Chervinsky and Edward Larson on George Washington

Join acclaimed historians Lindsay Chervinsky and Edward Larson for a virtual America's Town Hall program exploring the figure ...

The Chase Cover

John Bello covers the chase part of Fluffhead.

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