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Joe BECKETT Vs Bombardier Billy WELLS In Full COLOR

Unfortunately the video frame rate is to slow. i seperated the video from the audio Sped up the video to where it looked normal.

Bombardier Billy Wells's Jab-Cross Combination

A quick look at the way Bombardier Billy Wells threw a Jab Cross Combination. As described in his book "Modern Boxing"

Bombardier Billy Wells (1923)

Item title reads - Bombardier Billy Wells - enjoys a game of golf with Irish sportsmen at Milltown. Ireland. M/S of Billy standing with ...

Gongman | J. Arthur Rank Intro | Bombardier Billy Wells

Rank Films Intro - Bombardier Billy Wells.

Bombardier Billy Wells (1915)

Bombardier Billy Wells. Location of events unknown. Boxer in training. Bombardier Billy Wells practises (he wears a dark leotard ...

Bombardier Billy Wells At Brighton (1914-1918)

Bombardier Billy Wells at Brighton, East Sussex. People walking on Brighton Pier; men wearing white trousers; boater hats; ...

Georges Carpentier vs Wells, Grundhoven & Billy Papke

Georges Carpentier vs Wells, Papke & Grundhoven Pathe Newsreel Segments 1912, 1920 3 minutes 10 seconds The Fighter I ...

What Is The Secret? AKA Carpentier And Wells (1920)

New York, United States of America. Intertitle: "'WHAT IS THE SECRET?' Carpentier - who has just arrived in America - backs ...

Bombardier Billy Wells's Block and Counter

A simple drill looking at some of the techniques taught by Bobardier Billy Wells in his book Modern Boxing.

Bombadier Billy Wells's Slip and Single Time Counter

I mentioned Bombadier Billy Wells briefly in a previous video. I thought it would be nice to look at some of his techniques in more ...

Bombardier Billy Wells (1914-1918)

Bombardier Billy Wells. Bombardier Billy Wells; a British soldier in World War One; shows off his skills at skipping. CU of Billy ...

The Big Fight (1920)

Item title reads: "The Big Fight for the Heavy Weight Championship of Great Britain. Joe Beckett (The British Champion) v Dick ...

Bombardier Billy Wells Bromodisis

The Bombardier Billy Wells show You get Punk Alteranative and Very Alternative !! Political Views Rants and More Monday ...

The Greatest British Boxer Of All Time

This is a tribute to one of the greatest pound-forpound boxers in the sports history and the greatest British prizefighter of all time!

The Bombardier Billy Wells Show on 103 The Eye Radio.

If you like your punk and want an entertaining show then look no further for your Monday morning entertainment.


Billy Welles training for the European Heavyweight Championship. Swimming off float where Welles with among others his ...

Jack Johnson Paying a Visit to the Manchester Docks (1911)

The legendary world heavyweight boxing champion, John Arthur 'Jack' Johnson, visits Manchester. The charisma of world ...

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