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Cheesy chat up lines challenge with Barney and Lindsey | CBBC

Blue Peter presenters Barney and Lindsey try out some funny chat up lines on each other in this funny video from CBBC. For ...

The Coronavirus Song

sometimes you just need a sense of humour and a piano. And 14 toilet rolls.

Robin Hood - New Theatre Royal Lincoln's Christmas Pantomime (2019)

We have a special treat for you. During these challenging times we've decided to release our most recent Christmas pantomime, ...

Episode 0.75

5 things you need to know about me!

Barney Harwood gets custard pied on Crush on CBBC

CBBC gameshow from the early 2000s presented by Barney Harwood. Usually in this round the kids got to throw custard pies at ...

Blue Peter 60th Anniversary Barney Harwood Interview

An interview with former Blue Peter Presenter Barney Harwood about his memories of the show.

Bear Behaving Badly - Barney Makes Mr Pranks Very Angry

For the best kids show subscribe to the Wizz channel: Mr. Prank is outraged when a big blue ...

School Of Silence: episode 11 series 1

Barney Harwood meets four noisy contestants from Leeds. Miss Gobstop's team of teachers puts them through their paces - will ...

Prank Patrol: Series 1: Karate Kid

Prankster: Jake Jake's target: Karate Class.

Basil's Game Show (28 02 2009 Episode)

Basil's Swap Shop began it's run on 5 January 2008 for a scheduled series of 13 programmes. Based on the original 1970's ...

Hallelujah - Rufus Wainright Live Cover - Tom Vaughan & Barney Harwood

a beautiful song, hopefully we did it justice. ...

BSS Barney Harwood Getting as many pies as possible in 30seconds

On the last episode of Basil's Swap Shop Barney Harwood gets hit by as many pies as the audience can land in 30 seconds.

Bear Behaving Badly - Frog Prince - Series 2 -EP 16

Comedy series starring Barney Harwood and Nev the bear. When Barney eats Crazy Keith's spaghetti bolognese and promptly ...

Smile with Rochelle Wiseman, Barney, Kirsten & Nev Bear

The start of a show from 2005 with a 16 year old Rochelle Wiseman, Nev, Kirsten O'Brien and Barney Harwood.

Fix You Coldplay Cover - Tom Vaughan & Barney Harwood

The Eagles - Hotel California - Tom Vaughan & Barney Harwood Cover

CBBC: Blue Peter - Penn and Teller magic trick with Barney Harwood

Watch Magicians Penn and Teller perform a hilarious and amazing magic trick on Blue Peter's unsuspecting Barney Harwood!

Totally Doctor Who Series 1 (2006) - Episode 2: David Tennant

The Doctor himself, David Tennant is in the studio giving the low-down from the opening episode from Series 2. Also the 'Totally ...

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