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Bailey McManus- Do not hang your head

Bailey McManus Star Power Dance competition 5 stars in power senior solo's 3rd overall Van De Veere Productions.

Bailey McManus - When You Love Someone (Improv Solo)

1st Overall Senior Improv Solo Van De Veere Productions StarPower Dance Competition Keep the comments positive please!

Star Power 2015 Bailey Solo 001

Bailey McManus Who you are lyrical solo Star Power 2015.

Bailey McManus Show Reel

Bailey McManus Show Reel 2019.

Bailey McManus- You Lost Me, Choreographed by Megan McMurtrie

Bailey McManus Star Power Dance Competition Choreographed by Megan McMurtrie 5 stars in power senior solo's Van De ...

Burning Up Dance

Pearl girls and Jessie Jorez Choreo: Abby Leoncini Burning Up Jessie J - Jorez Vidal Dancers: Abby Leoncini, Bailey McManus, ...

General Manger Bailey McManus, Wild Columbia Salmon.

Bailey McManus, discuss working at Wild Columbia Salmon, marketing, Klickitat Fishermen, and our goals for the year.

Mia Audova and Bailey McManus performing "Hurt"

Mia Audova (the angel) and Bailey McManus performing "Hurt" at Starpower, Portland, Oregon, Mar-2014. Scored 5 stars in the ...

R.I.P. Bailey McManus

Bailey McManus's memorial party at star farms. forever in our hearts... -Brianna. Fly free Bailey. Well always love you. -Tiffany.

Bailey McManus

Star dancer.

Pointless Celebrities - S10E36 "TV Winners" (25 Nov 2017)

A special celebrity TV winners edition of the general knowledge quiz in which four teams try to come up with the answers that ...

How To Take Instagram Pictures | VLOG |

Hey guys I'm back! I'm starting to Vlog again and I've missed it so much. Love you guys xoxo Instagram: dancerbay17 ...

Mia Audova and Bailey McManus performing "Hunger Games"

Mia Audova and Bailey McManus performing "Hunger Games" at Onstage NY, Portland, Oregon, May-2014. Scored a Platinum in ...

Pointless Celebrities: TV Winners

A special celebrity TV winners edition. Jane Devonshire and Simon Wood, Yasmina Siadatan and Lee McQueen, Sam Bailey and ...

Bailey and Blakey Take on Humming Challenge!

CONNECT WITH US! Instagram: @baileyandblakey Twitter: @blakeyandbailey LIKE OUR PAGE ON FACEBOOK! BAILEY- ...

| How To Get The Gains |

Hey guys! I'm back on the YouTube grind! This video is just for fun so don't take anything seriously. S/o to Auties freestyle Friday ...

I Tried To Make Tik Tok's Viral Whipped Coffee.

Hey Guys! Thanks for watching! Even though there were paper towels in the way half of the time. Don't worry I'm still a hot mess.


Hey guys! Thanks for watching!!! Instagram & @dancerbay17 Snapchat: bailey_m17.

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